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nuanceLogo AcapelaThe Vocatex has a wide range of high-quality voices. A choice of male or female voices makes listening really pleasant. You will certainly find the right voice. The Vocatex reads out in 37 languages, including Arabic and Hebrew.

List of voice (new voice highlighted in bold)

Arabic Laila Nuance Vocalizer
Arabic Leila Acapela
Arabic Salma Acapela
Basque Miren Nuance Vocalizer
Catalan Jordi Nuance Vocalizer
Czech Eliska Acapela
Czech Zuzana Nuance Vocalizer
Danish Magnus Nuance Vocalizer
Dutch Claire Nuance Vocalizer
Dutch Daan Acapela
Dutch Xander Nuance Vocalizer
Dutch (Belgium) Ellen Nuance Vocalizer
Dutch (Belgium) Jeroen Acapela
Dutch (Belgium) Zoe Acapela
English (Australia) Lee Nuance Vocalizer
English (Great Britain) Kate Nuance Vocalizer
English (Great Britain) Oliver Nuance Vocalizer
English (Great Britain) Peter Acapela
English (Ireland) Moira Nuance Vocalizer
English (Scotland) Fiona Nuance Vocalizer
English (United States) Susan Nuance Vocalizer
English (United States) Tom Nuance Vocalizer
Finnish Onni Nuance Vocalizer
Finnish Satu Nuance Vocalizer
Finnish Sanna Acapela
French Alice Acapela
French Audrey Nuance Vocalizer
French Aurelie Nuance Vocalizer
French Antoine Acapela
French Bruno Acapela
French Claire Acapela
French Julie Acapela
French Manon Acapela
French Thomas Nuance Vocalizer
French (Belgium) Justine Acapela
Galician Carmela Nuance Vocalizer
German Anna Nuance Vocalizer
German Andreas Acapela
German Claudia Acapela
German Julia Acapela
German Klaus Acapela
German Markus Nuance Vocalizer
German Petra Nuance Vocalizer
German Sarah Acapela
Greek Melina Nuance Vocalizer
Hebrew Carmit Nuance Vocalizer
Hungarian Mariska Nuance Vocalizer
Italian Paola Nuance Vocalizer
Italian Vittorio Acapela
Norwegian Henrik Nuance Vocalizer
Norwegian Bente Acapela
Norwegian Kari Acapela
Norwegian Nora Nuance Vocalizer
Norwegian Olav Acapela
Polish Ania Acapela
Polish Krzysztof Nuance Vocalizer
Portuguese Celia Acapela
Portuguese Catarina Nuance Vocalizer
Romanian Ioana Nuance Vocalizer
Russian Alyona Acapela
Russian Yuri Nuance Vocalizer
Slovak Laura Nuance Vocalizer
Spanish Antonia Acapela
Spanish Marisol Nuance Vocalizer
Spanish (Mexico) Paulina Nuance Vocalizer
Swedish Elin Acapela
Swedish Emil Acapela
Swedish Klara Nuance Vocalizer
Swedish   (Finland) Samuel Acapela
Turkish Ipek Acapela
Turkish Yelda Nuance Vocalizer
Valencian Empar Nuance Vocalizer