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Producten voor blinden en slechtzienden
Produits pour les aveugles et les malvoyants
Products for the blind and visually impaired

KOBA Vision - Produced and developed in Belgium!

belgiumKOBA Vision was founded in 1988 by the visually impaired electronics engineer Johan Haagdorens. His search for a reading device with a large screen was the motive for him developing video magnifiers himself.

The result was a high quality video magnifier that specifically met the requirements of visually impaired people.

Today KOBA Vision is known as the world’s most innovative producer. The patented Vocatex readout magnifier, high definition cameras, large displays and the simplest EasyReader readout system for blind people are only a few examples where KOBA Vision is a pioneer in the sector.

A team of 11 people takes care of sales, development and production. Together with our global sales network we guarantee the best quality and a tailor-made solution for every visually impaired or blind user.

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Macular Degeneration

Johan HaagdorensIn 1978 Johan Haagdorens was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. His central field of vision was so limited that reading became impossible.

“Suddenly my world caved in. The awareness of having to go through life as a visually impaired person is a really difficult process. Fortunately I quickly realised that sitting still was not an option and I set myself two objectives. My first objective was to mean something in the world of the blind and visually impaired, and my second objective was a journey to Africa.”

“Since then I have been to Namibia with my tent and we have developed the fantastic Vocatex readout magnifier. I am really proud that KOBA Vision has changed the lives of many visually impaired people.

Today KOBA Vision is more dedicated than ever to offer visually impaired and blind users unique user-friendly but well thought out products, matched by an outstanding service.


A timeline of innovation and development

1988    Foundation of KOBA Vision. The name KOBA is a contraction of the two sons, Koen and Bart. 
1992   First colour video magnifier.
1994   Video magnifier with autofocus.
1998    EasyReader Readout/Scanner system. The EasyReader is a revolutionary readout system for scanning in texts and quickly and easily having them read out.
2007   The first video magnifier with a high definition camera.
2009   The patented Vocatex readout magnifier comes onto the market. The world of the visually impaired is astounded. A dream becomes reality. Texts are read out quickly and accurately by simply selecting the text to be read out on the screen. Reading is relaxing again, even with a visual acuity of 2 in 100. The Vocatex is now the reference in the sector, resulting in global success!
2011   The Vocatex readout magnifier with continuous read function. Long texts are read without pauses. A real improvement. Together with the 32 languages now available, Vocatex is now the real number one!
2012   A new scanner/readout system. The new EasyReader is introduced. Despite the fact that the competition has gone for readout systems linked to a camera, KOBA remains convinced of the initial design with a scanner. Thanks to the improved technology, the new EasyReader combines the existing ease of use with outstanding performance in terms of speed and accuracy. A belief in your own ideas and a  thorough analysis of the needs of the end user is once again rewarded with excellent sales figures!
2014   The first Arabic and Hebrew Vocatex readout magnifier and EasyReader scanner become a fact. At last a real readout solution for the Arabic and Hebrew world.

Advice and guidance

Our three Belgian establishments in Leopoldsburg, Ghent and Nijvel guarantee personal advice, demonstrations and training. We are happy to guide you in your search for suitable aids. A visit to our low vision centre guides you in your search for aids. Our aim is a regained independence by enabling you to read and work again, with a computer so that you preserve your independence.

What does this advice constitute?

  • Measurement of visual acuity and reading speed
  • Measurement of the field of vision
  • Information on the disorder with future prospects
  • Guidance in the choice of the right aid. All functions and characteristics are explained and personally applied.
  • Guidance regarding any reimbursement
  • Guidance with any training

Our foreign sales network is carefully selected to be able to offer you the best service.