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Producten voor blinden en slechtzienden
Produits pour les aveugles et les malvoyants
Products for the blind and visually impaired

Read Aloud Video Magnifier Vocatex Plus 32 Full HD in color mode

Full HD 1080p logoThe new Vocatex has a full HD 1080p camera which delivers a high contrast and super clear image. The picture is extremely stable and steady, which provides an optimum reading experience. In addition to the higher picture quality, the magnifier has an extrawide viewing angle of 24 cm to read page-wide. Whether you now read, look at photos, write or put something together yourself, there is always an eye for detail and an overview on a large screen according to choice.

Video Magnifier Vocatex Plus 32 Full HD in high contrast mode white on blackThe magnifier has unique high contrast settings that make the text extra large and readable. Poorly printed texts present no problem with the background suppressor.