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Producten voor blinden en slechtzienden
Produits pour les aveugles et les malvoyants
Products for the blind and visually impaired

Video Magnifier Vocatex Plus 32 - I read aloud

The Vocatex is a readout magnifier. The combination of screen magnifier and readout system makes reading pleasant. Having texts read out is a new way that feels natural. With the Vocatex you select the text on the screen yourself. A red rectangle around the word follows the text. So you know the reading position and you maintain the overview on the page.

Demonstration Video - Click in the middle to start the video

Thanks to the intelligent readout function, Vocatex reads entire pages without irritating pauses and this simply by moving the reading table and the text. When moving the reading table the new text is incorporated and the Vocatex just continues reading. Reading a newspaper article has never been so easy. You start the Vocatex. While the voice reads the text, you move the text with it. The Vocatex automatically connects it and reads the text without pauses. You can thus read thick books or large newspaper pages without interruption.

Vocatex continuous reading

Vocatex News TickerVocatex news ticker barThe new news ticker enables you to read text with speech support. While the Vocatex reads out you see the words enlarged on the screen. This automatic reader is so optimised that you only look at one point on the screen where the words pass by. You no longer have to move your eyes, all words always come within your field of vision. This automatic reader makes reading super simple for the visually impaired with a narrow field of vision.

The readout function is a valuable asset for every visually impaired person. The days of constantly guessing letters and words and continually moving the reading platform are over. With Vocatex you select large text blocks on the screen and the readout starts with the push of a button.

Read Aloud Video Magnifier Vocatex Standard 22The Vocatex is unique by preserving an overview. The unit always shows the real-time video picture and you have full control. The layout of titles, columns and photographs is always preserved. Due to the reading frame and the progress indicator you very clearly know what the unit is reading. The Vocatex is really easy thanks to „what you see is what you get“  - WYSIWYG.

nuanceLogo AcapelaThe Vocatex has a wide range of high-quality voices. A choice of male or female voices makes listening really pleasant. You will certainly find the right voice. The Vocatex reads out in 37 languages, including Arabic and Hebrew.